Easy access

This tutorial shows moxaLight controller interaction with internet wifi and web server setup pages.

Web Server

moxaLight has an embedded web server inside the controller. To activate this server and get access to the controller memory and setup pages WIFI on the OLED screen needs to be ON.
Navigate with < / > buttons to select the WIFI function. Turn on the embedded WI-FI access point on the moxaLight controller by pressing the +/- bottom right buttons to turn it on. The OLED will show the status plus information of the wifi SSID access point name and the access password.

There are several wifi options tailored to the unit version or setup status.

Option 1.
Connect unit to internet when already it has your local wifi access credentials memorized. (most frequent). As we power up the unit, it will try to connect to your local internet wifi connection, with the SSID and password you provided to its memory. The procedure of memorizing your local internet wifi credentials will be addressed later. Let's take a closer look at what happens on the unit display, during the internet connection procedure. After unit is powered, a start up message will be displayed on the central O LED screen and it will be slightly different if unit is managed by a provider. Once the message pages end, to check the wifi / web status we have to select and highlight the wifi text with the advance arrow buttons. Web status on display will show that unit tries to connect, to your SSID, with your PASS... If tentative is successful, the display will say under status "connected" and PASS will be masked with asterisks. Once connected, the unit automatically will access the provider database, and will retrieve the table values according to the provider session prescription. No user interaction needed, except powering the unit on. The remote provider will only have to access the client's database through an easy web page, and to establish the client session prescribed values. If the unit cannot connect to the local wifi for different reasons, like credentials not memorized, or wrong ones, the unit automatically will switch and display web wifi+ setup mode, where with the help of an external wifi enabled computer, the unit itself can be re-programmed for memorizing new credentials. This case is described in detail in the next option.

Option 2.
Connect external computer to the unit internally generated wifi access point to set up credentials for your local wifi internet connection. To check the wifi / web status we have to select and highlight the wifi text with the advance arrow buttons. Make sure that the unit has under the wifi enabled selector, the text "on". To connect with an external computer to the unit wifi internally generated access point, use the following steps:. Open your external computer wifi management section, by clicking on the bottom right wifi icon. Select the unit SSID, in this case MOXALIGHT - xx, where the letters after the dash may differ to make multiple units identifiable, just in case more than one is powered in close proximity. Establish and connect to the unit separate wifi temporary connection by entering the password found on the unit OLED display, under PASS:. Once the connection is secured / with no internet, open a browser on the same external computer, and in the top address input text bar only, be sure to avoid the confusing search text input bar text, type the IP address found on the unit display under ADDR:. For most of the cases this will be

A successful procedure, will lead you to a web page on your external computer browser, where your local wifi credentials can be entered and set in the unit for future seamless wifi connections. By pressing Submit, data will be saved, and the unit immediately will try to connect to your local internet.

Option 3.
Connect external computer to the unit internal generated wifi access point to set up the table values This Option is attained manually by switching to on+ with + - buttons when wifi text is selected and highlighted. This Option is also triggered automatically if no attempts are done in Option 2 for more than 10 minutes. In this Option mode, the unit will generate its own internally generated wifi access point, and the user will be able to connect to it with an external computer, by following previous instructions and data from the unit O LED display. Once the external computer is connected to the unit internally generated wifi, the display shows >web table setup status. Under this, similar with Option 2 procedure and with the external computer browser tuned up to the same ADDR: will land on a different web page built to modify the unit table values. By hitting Submit, the values will be transferred to the unit. The same web table setup on the external computer browser can be available even when the unit is connected to your local wifi internet. This time a different ip address is displayed on the unit under ADDR:. The new address will mach your local network domain and your external computer has to be mandatory connected to your local regular wifi internet and not to the unit internally generated wifi. Just type the ip address ADDR:. displayed on the unit into your external computer browser address text input box and if successful you will land on the table setup values page.

Option 4.
Connect provider external computer to clients database. On a regular computer with internet access, open a browser and type in the address bar: https://moxalight.com. Log in with the credentials obtained from the website administrator through email support@moxalight.com Once logged in, under right side icons menu click puzzle icon, which opens the account's control panel. Under the new opened sliding sub-menu, click the coffee mug icon for clients table to display. In the new opened table, each row corresponds to a client and his personal information, including connection data on the remoted shipped unit. On the same client's row, by clicking the fire icon, values table to be sent to the remote unit will pop out. To set up the desired values, change the text boxes content and then submit. The new values will be transferred to only one specific unit identified with specific row data. In order the data to be successfully transferred remotely is mandatory for the client to power on the unit and to be connected to the internet through his/hers local wifi network.

Provider distributed units do not start the lights on pads if the unit is not connected to wifi internet and if the database client's row "session duration" is not different from value 0. Before the zoom, skype or whatsapp session is recommended to the provider to set up the "session duration" timer value in minutes. To prevent unauthorized unit usage after the timer expired, it is recommended for the provider to set "session duration" to 0 again till the next session.

Independent units with no provider distribution do not need to access any database and the wifi connection might be off. If wifi is on, it can be used for accessing the table values setup web page. In this case the start up message on O LED display is different from the provider version and lights are always enabled when power is on.