Victor's Testimonial


Working as a photojournalist for over two decades, I naturally have grown a sense of skepticism about anything that claims to improve the quality of life, especially if the claim has an aspect of quackery. Bring in my first experience with moxaLight, and my skepticism was washed away, but not immediately.

My job entails a lot of walking around, and sometimes running with camera gear to capture the moment. So back in March of this year, I started a new schedule to work fulltime out “in the field” to gather news for our daily operations. The day before I was supposed to start, I woke up that morning with my right ankle very sore. I don’t know why, but my ankle was so tender that I was limping around my house all day as I was getting my gear ready for Monday’s shift. I wasn’t concerned, but the next day, my ankle was just as sore, and I started to feel anxious. I had a moxaLight Kit for about a week to learn the system, but I put that off until that Monday morning. I’m not sure why I just didn’t take a pill and move on, but I just looked at the moxaLight as a last resort. I did a quick internet search for ankle pain, and I found three acupuncture points that I thought might help.

Three points around the ankle

I put the emitters on two points, and one emitter in the general pain area. I ran the system for 30 minutes on Chronic Pain and the Warm preset. I sat back and did a few computer errands while the moxaLight did it’s thing. After 30 minutes, I powered off the Controller, took off the LED emitters, stood up, and felt the same tenderness in my ankle. Ah man, what’s my first day going to be like? I got to work and tried to hide my limp. After about 30 minutes of hobbling around, my ankle felt strangely warm for about a minute, and the pain just washed away. I couldn’t believe it! I started to walk normally and I purposely put extra pressure on my right ankle. The discomfort completely disappeared, and has not come back since. I’m not sure why this happened or even why I had the pain in the first place. I guess it’s part of belonging to the “slightly used” age group. I’ve experienced a few other pains and muscle strains since then, but I haven’t treated myself for those pains yet. Time is short in this job and I’m a natural procrastinator. I’ve become a believer in this product now, and I hope you do the same. Now that I have a little more time, I’ll be treating a few muscle strains that I have been living with. One is on my right bicep, close to the elbow, and the other is the left underarm close to the elbow. I’ll give a progress report as soon as possible. Thanks for reading my blog post, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Victor Vargas