Can relaxation be induced with non-coherent light?

MoxaLight uses 3 different methods to induce relaxation. All methods are based on non coherent light (not laser) generated by low intensity light emitting diodes with an emission spectrum which does not include any dangerous UV wavelengths.

Light Pulses

This method stimulates acupressure or acupuncture points on ancient energy meridians with light pulses applied on top. The light pulses are delivered with a special modulation technique created specially for energy balance benefits.

Optical Beats

This method stimulates the brain hemispheres visually. Similar with the binaural beats, the different stimulation frequency induces brain relaxation states. The light pulses generated by the left side have a different frequency then the ones generated by the moxaLight device right side. The special modulation is also included in the lights pattern.

Optical Sequence

This method generates different light patterns on a led array molded as a helmet or rectangular surface. Certain geometrical animated sequences may induce beside relaxation other associated benefits.

To deliver the relaxation benefits we developed several relaxation delivery devices which gravitate around the moxaLight controller:

The Light Emitter Pads

The Pacifier

The Array

The Helmet