This tutorial shows how to use the moxaLight controller and the light pads.


The center piece of the moxaLight is an electronic device defined as the controller. The controller together with the light emitters pads are capable to generate specific light patterns and stimulate points. The controller has a top USB type A/C power connector, one user interface consisting of an OLED display screen with 4 push buttons < > + - and 10 sideways micro USB connectors for the light devices, 5 on each lateral side. Different power options are available beside the included power supply. For portability a regular 5V phone battery pack or any 5V USB power source capable of at least 3000mA is enough. Do not use smart chargers, they may deliver more than 5V and may damage the unit.

The OLED display description covers by default the unit functionality and the operation modes. Screen functions are written with capital letters. To select any function, 2 bottom left buttons < > are provided. Selection is highlighted with an inverted text background. One button moves the selection clock wise and the other button moves it in anti-clock direction.
Values are shown with small letters under the selected function and they can be changed with the bottom right 2 buttons + and -.


After power plug in, the unit starts with the most used mode. No intervention is needed. In case we want to change parameters, first we select the function with the < > buttons and then modify the value from beneath the function with + - buttons.
Unit has three MODES: pulse, beats and sequence. Each mode has several presets abbreviated on screen as PSET: 1,2,3,4,5,6 as factory presets, user and web+. When in user preset, values can be customized and saved. For web+, the values can be changed via a web page on your smart phone connected to the unit through WI-FI.

Lights are turned off after a number of minutes with the help of a built in TIMER. Timer values can be adjusted with the +/- buttons in 15 minutes intervals. LED
Light intensity can be dimmed when LED function is selected. 20% can be added or subtracted from the displayed value by pressing +/-. (0% is a special value used for provider data).
For customized light patterns and provider control the controller has embedded WI-FI internet connection and with the help of a smart phone, tablet or PC, different set-up scenarios can be achieved. WI-FI setup and access information are displayed only when WI-FI is selected and has inverted background text. WI-FI can be turned on and off with the +/- buttons.
If WI-FI function is not highlighted, different light modulation parameters are displayed and can be modified under TABLE and VALUE functions.
The TABLE contains parameters which are describing the modulation characteristics.
The pulse, represents the modulation visible frequency. The bias, represents the invisible modulation frequency and the color, the light color. For efficiency reasons modulation values are toggled at a certain time interval. The time interval is called Toggle Time. Practically there are two sets of values for pulse, bias and color. First set was called Pattern A and the second set Pattern B. They will repeatedly change with the toggle time value.

To change, first select the TABLE function by highlighting it with buttons, set the desired one with +/- and then move selection to highlight VALUE with and alter it with +/- buttons. Repeat till all the desired parameters are set. In user PSET parameters can be saved for other sessions use. Extra settings are the box ISO back light color, direction for sequence and save option for the user PSET. The unit automatically starts in pulse MODE and user PSET which save time during sessions.
To switch any function keep selected button pressed for approximate 2 seconds or till status display confirms and registers the selected change.

Light Emitters

Apply the light emitters pads on top of the desired points previously identified. The light emitter is lozenge shaped and has a circular opening for light to come out on one side. If hypoallergenic double sided sticker is used, place it with the hole on top of the light opening for the holes to match. Stick the lozenge on top of the point to be stimulated.
If regular medical tape is used, apply tape on top of the pad keeping the light opening towards the stimulated point.

Connect the light emitters USB male connector to the moxaLight controller USB micro connectors situated on both enclosure sides.

Enjoy the previously saved user preset or select one factory preset for the desired mode and pattern by selecting with < / > and establishing values with + / - buttons.

Enjoy 20 to 40 minutes of relaxation and mindfulness with moxaLight while your inner energy gets balanced , refreshed and replenished.