Energy Balancing

In order to familiarize users with the energy balancing process we describe a possible session.


Things always get better when we use our imagination. What is Energy? How our minds are defining it?
Let's use the brain power and associate Energy with movement. Just imagine a highway (motorway) with cars going back and forth on their predefined lanes.
In our hypothetical world model, those cars may be perceived as particles of Energy. Most particles are driven towards a goal in a main stream just like in real life. Some of them go up, some of them may go down, some slow, some fast and others may be just stopped in a traffic jam. Sometimes in life we associate those little confused particles with “anxiety” and we relate it to an Energy Imbalance state. Would it be nice to have a system in place to reprogram and show a new direction for those little particles and help them to find a better way?


What if we introduce the lighthouse concept for the Energy vessels to find safely their home harbors? If we imagine the spine being an energy highway we can start guiding the energy flow with external light sources same as the lights found on an airfield runway.


During the Energy balance interaction, light pads will be placed on the subject. Please note that the procedure and pads location have to be explained in advance. Light usage terms, disclaimers, risks or adverse effects also have to be presented. Before starting the procedure, the specialist must have the subject acceptance to proceed.
If accept is granted, the specialist may place the lights in the shape of an arrow heading up or down on the subject back neck, hands and optional on legs.

Pads Position Step One

Two light pads are gently placed with hypoallergenic adhesive tape on the ancient traditional points called The Gate of Consciousness (GB20), on both sides of your neck to create the base of the arrow. And if the arrow points up the next pad will be placed on The Window of Heaven point (GV16 window of the sky or GV17 brains door) coincidental with the arrow head tip and if the arrow points down I will place the pad on the Mute's Gate(GV15).

Pads Position Step Two

Another two pads are applied on each hand on The Hand Valley Points. Connect the pads to the unit and explain the quad modulation concept and why pulsation light is needed for energy balancing.

Pads Position Step Three ( optional )

Subject is encouraged to relax and apply on both left and right legs the light pads by themselves on BL58 points as shown in the diagram.

Energy Balancing

Once the subject is ready to start the procedure, connect all the pads to the controller. Power controller on. Pads light intensity is adjusted for the best subject comfort.


Total relaxation is recommended during the 20 to 40 minutes procedure duration. The subject needs to be in a safe place where any distractions of any type are totally avoided. If the subject identifies any other points of discomfort, feel free to place remaining light pads on those points.