About Us

We got the foundation of moxaLight in 2016 as a fun Kickstarter project. After a successful founding, we explored more and learned how to better accommodate our vision to our clients needs. A few years later we still improve. Feel free to contact us at info@moxalight.com Your feedback is much appreciated.


Michael R. Niss L.Ac., MSAOM is the co-creator of moxaLight and he is a bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. He also obtained a research grant in Havana, Cuba to study sustainable medicine and agriculture. He did internship at Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and he enjoys his herbal garden at home with his wife. When he is not surfing, he can be contacted at his Universal Family Wellness Clinic in Los Angeles, CA

CJ is the engineer behind the moxaLight quad modulation. He has masters in Electrical Engineering and MBA in Broadcasting and spends most of his spare time in his “magic” shop, 3D printing or CNC-ing. When he is not participating to NLP or Relaxation retreats with his wife, he is thinking about how future will make the world a better place.